We believe in sharing our motherhood experiences through writing. By sharing our experiences, the good and the bad, we connect with others and know we're not alone.

Easing into Postpartum Exercise

From a distance, maternity leave can likely look like a wonderfully relaxing period to bond with your baby. And while getting to know your little bundle of joy is the essence of leave, that bonding is coupled with sleepless nights, recovery from delivery, troubleshooting all aspects of newborn life, and a general fatigue that no finals study session will have ever prepared you for. So if you wake up with enough energy to even contemplate working out in the first six weeks postpartum, this blog is for you.

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Leaving my career to become a Stay at Home Mom and changing how I define success

There was a time when I thought I’d marry immediately after graduating from college and become a Stay at Home Mom. That all changed when I found myself wed to my studies, and the idea of getting married young became less and less appealing to me. Years later, it had all but vanished when I tasted the allure of success in my high-powered, high-stress career.

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Adjusting my expectations for the perfect pregnancy—and how prenatal yoga saved me

Before I got pregnant, I had the perfect pregnancy. 

As my husband and I floated early plans of growing our family, I imagined just how good I would be at being pregnant. We’d share the results of a positive pregnancy test with warmth and joy that would rival any television commercial. I’d gain only the necessary weight and wear my pre-pregnancy jeans through the second trimester. I’d stay active, teaching third grade, giving ballet lessons, and working out until the moment my water broke. We’d continue to travel—I’d have cute pictures of me hiking the hills of the Tibetan plateau with a baby bump plastered all over social media. Due to a thyroid condition, my doctor warned me getting pregnant could take some time, but I could be patient. I still had lots of plans to make over the next year—money to save, a guest room to decorate, tiny outfits to sew. My perfect pregnancy was worth waiting for.

 What happened next was not what I had planned.

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How To Buy High-End Baby Clothing Without Breaking the Bank

When our son was born two and a half years ago, my preference for high-end clothing brands shifted from buying items for myself to purchasing clothes and accessories for him. Specifically, I developed an affinity for just about anything European or vintage. Peter Pan collars. Knee socks. Oxford shoes. Hand-knit gnome hats. Swoon!

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